Primary School Opportunity Classes

We believe in providing gifted children with opportunities to learn with like-minded peers so that they are challenged to reach their full potential.


Opportunity Classes (OC) are structured to maximise learning for all students. Each of the OC groups works together for English, Science and Technology, History, Geography and Personal Development. Where possible, the topics are similar to those of the other classes within the grade. The OC group covers topics with increased depth, complexity and challenge.


Mathematics and Hebrew are both regrouped across the grade, based upon performance and potential demonstrated. In this way, students, who are talented in Hebrew or Mathematics, may join the extension class without needing to fulfil all the criteria for inclusion in the OC program. Similarly, new students, who may not have had exposure to Hebrew, may be included in the beginners’ Hebrew program.


We also value the need for all students to mix widely across the grade and for friendships to be maintained and built across the classes. For this reason, we are mindful to build opportunities for mixed groups and whole-grade experiences.


The process for inclusion in the OC program begins in Year 4 when students are assessed on general ability, English and Mathematics skills. External students, who are successful at this stage, are invited for an interview before final places are offered. Assessments, additional information and evidence gathered externally can be submitted for consideration.


OC students, who complete both years of the program, are eligible for a scholarship in Years 7-10, which is renewable for Years 11 and 12, depending on performance. The scholarship for students entering the OC program from Year 5 2017 provides a 15% discount on tuition fees. In addition, all Year 6 students, including OC students, are eligible to apply for a Year 7 Academic and/or Music Scholarship.

Photo credit: Ofer Levy

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