HSC Success

December 18, 2019

Emanuel School’s impressive HSC results are testament to our students’ academic strength, their abilities as deep thinkers and their teachers’ commitment to their success.

We congratulate and celebrate the following students who achieved a State ranking for the following subjects:

  • Joel – 6th in the State for Geography
  • Paris – 6th in the State for Society and Culture
  • Daniel – 5th in the State for Portuguese Continuers

Other notable highlights include:

  • Saachi and Sarah both had their Visual Arts works selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Isabella was selected for ENCORE for her Music 1 Musicology Viva Voce
  • Joel was nominated for ENCORE for his Music 1 Performance and Composition
  • Saachi was nominated for Shape (Design and Technology)
  • Eden was nominated for Callback for her Dance performance

The School ranked 41st in the State, based on the percentage of Band 6 and E4 results across all subjects. Amongst  non-selective co-educational schools, Emanuel ranked an impressive 7th in the State.

We are exceptionally proud of the Class of 2019 whose focus and determination have converged to deliver outstanding results. Emanuel School students graduate as well-rounded individuals who step into the world ready to tackle life’s challenges. They are inspired to give back to the Jewish and wider communities and be the very best version of themselves.

10% of students received an ATAR of 98.00 or more; 22% received an ATAR of 95.00 or more and 38% of students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or more. Tia attained an outstanding ATAR of 98.95. Dylan, Dux of the School, produced a similarly excellent 98.80. The Year 12 students continued to shine, with four All-round Achievers and 53% of the cohort as Distinguished Achievers. Our Year 11 accelerants achieved eight Band 6/E4 results in Mathematics or Mathematics Extension 1.

Whilst we are delighted with our state ranking, the published ‘League Table’, which acknowledges those students who achieved a Band 6 in a subject, tells us just part of the story. They do not, for example, recognise the achievements of those who have made significant progress over their years of schooling, culminating with personal best results that fall below a Band 6. We commend those in the Class of 2019 who have achieved outstanding results, commensurate with their ability. Their perseverance and exemplary work ethic are inspiring.

It takes a community to prepare our Year 12 students for the HSC and life beyond school. We particularly thank our teachers for their professionalism, commitment and encouragement to ensure our students’ success.

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