HSC results

Emanuel School’s HSC results for the class of 2017 reflect a diversity of student interest and strong achievement. We celebrate many high achievers in this year’s HSC, with over 40% of Emanuel students achieving an ATAR of over 90. The School ranked 43rd in the State, based on the percentage of Band 6 results across all subjects, and 16th overall in the State for our English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 results.  

For some extended interviews, details of the results and a video showcasing a few of our achievers,
please click here https://sites.google.com/emanuelschool.nsw.edu.au/hsc2017/home

Other notable highlights:

  • Amy Altman achieved 2nd in the State in English Extension 2 and 10th in English Advanced
  • Lauren Sussman was 7th in the State in PDHPE
  • Four students were nominated for HSC exhibitions:
    • Maya Buhrich was nominated for OnSTAGE for her HSC Drama Individual Performance
    • Shoshana Blackman, Maya Buhrich and Charlie Wrublewski were nominated for their Drama Group Performance for OnSTAGE
    • Brianna Gadeley was selected for ARTEXPRESS



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