HSC results

Emanuel School’s HSC results are a reflection of the strength of the 2018 cohort. We celebrate many high achievers in this year’s HSC, including Genevieve Goldman who was awarded first in the State for Drama and Brandon Kaye who was placed third in the State in Ancient History.

More than 40% of students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or more, with 18% of students achieving over 95.00, more than 10% above 98.00 ATAR and five students above 99.00 ATAR. Aaron Ellis-Bloor, Dux of the School’s ATAR was a very strong 99.80. The Year 12 students continued to shine, with four All-Round Achievers and 51% of the cohort as Distinguished Achievers. Eight of our Year 11 accelerants achieved a Band 6 in their subject.

Other notable highlights include:

  • Allegra Goldman selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Ashne Amoils selected for ENCORE for Musicology
  • Six students nominated for HSC Showcases:
    • ENCORE
      • Aaron Ellis-Bloor
    • OnSTAGE
      • Tomer Belkin
      • Genevieve Goldman
      • Hannah Shteinman
      • Zev Shteinman
    • InTech
      • Jake Langman

For interviews, details of the results and a video showcasing a few of our achievers,
please click here 


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