As part of Tikkun Olam Emanuel has several projects aimed at lowering the School’s environmental footprint.


Vegetable Gardens

We have two vegetable gardens that are used to support teaching and learning and are tended by students and some volunteer parents.



Recycling bins are in place throughout the campus. Recycling stations in our classrooms has been a focus. This has been followed up with intensive and ongoing information regarding the separation of items for recycling. There is still more to do with better separation and more composting collection in the playground


Solar Photovoltaic Systems

1. Adler Building: The Adler Building has a 2.5kW installation that was fitted in 2008. Since that time it has generated 25.57MW/Hrs of electricity.

2. Lehrer Family Building Multi-Purpose Hall: The MPH has a 5.54kW system installed as part of The National Solar Schools Program. It is on the northern roof of the MPH. You can view electricity output data here

The solar panels on the MPH were installed as a way of compensating for the installation of air-conditioning in this area. We are exploring options to increase our capacity of photovoltaics system to close to 100kW in the next few years once funding becomes available.


From All My Teachers I Grew Wise

Midrash Tehillim 119:99
מכל מלמדי השכלתי - Mikol Melamdai Hiskalti

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