Children’s Voices


At Kornmehl my three teachers look after me and help me solve problems. I like playing on the slide, playing on the pirate ship. I’ve learnt to write my name.



I like doing Shabbat at Bush School because you get to have nature while you’re having Shabbat. And you’re sitting in a nature place with everyone, not just in a normal place. So Shabbat is very special. I’ve learnt that you have to listen to each other because if the other person doesn’t listen to you, it’s dipping in your bucket. But if you want to fill the other person’s bucket, you can say ‘Are you ok?’ Give a cuddle and listen to each other. And in that way, both buckets are filled. 



Kornmehl is a place to be safe. You get to make friends. You learn about lots of things, like sport, hammering, crystals and science. I like playing outside with my friends.



Kornmehl is a safe place because there are lovely teachers. At morning meeting, we can sit and relax and we can ask some questions. I’ve learnt how to let mummy go without me crying.



Kornmehl is a Pre-school and you get to play. I like to play Hide and Seek. My favourite activity is ‘Making’. I make things out of recycling materials. I like morning meeting because we talk about insects and starting school. 



I like that we have Rosh Hashanah and that we got to have apples dipped in honey. I like having the challah and the wine when I was on the Shabbat table. I like singing ‘I’ve got a Shabbat feeling’.

Educate A Child According To The Child’s Path

Proverbs 22:6
חנוך לנער על פי דרכו - Chanoch La Naar Al-Piy Darcho

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