Gifted and Talented Program

Emanuel School understands and supports high potential and gifted children through their educational journey. Students’ needs are met by a community of informed staff, who are passionate about gifted education and are dedicated to working in partnership with families to provide a challenging and nurturing environment where the individual excels.

We believe strongly that our learning programs should be holistic and work towards facilitating the lifelong learning dispositions that can lead to success. Emanuel has two fully qualified co-ordinators, one responsible for the programs and provisions in the Primary School and the other in the High School. These co-ordinators oversee the curriculum for high potential, gifted and talented students throughout the School and support these students throughout their years. Our teaching staff is unique in that many have completed professional development in this area, including short courses through GERRIC or the full Graduate Certificate of Gifted Education or a Masters in Gifted Education at UNSW. 

We assist students’ to foster their strengths and passions

Programs for gifted learners at Emanuel are carefully designed with evidence-based strategies that support students academically and socially. Aside from the academic support, we know that wellbeing programs, mentoring and study skills are an important component. Our teachers carefully design the learning units, incorporating abstract ideas for analysis and opportunities to build skills to extraordinary levels. These assist students to foster their strengths and passions as well as set goals in their areas of challenge. Most learning is done in groups of like-minded ability peers, which demands high degrees of intellectual challenge and rigour.

Smooth transitions

One of the benefits of our K-12 context is that our students can enjoy a smooth transition from Primary into High School. In addition, our student mentoring program has helped several of our profoundly gifted students to feel more closely integrated, find like minds and feel part of the School community. Emanuel School strongly supports a range of grouping structures, all founded in best practice educational research. These include the use of quality differentiated practice in a mixed-ability class and opportunities for extension withdrawal groups for specific subjects.

High-level critical and creative thinking

At Emanuel we also offer a range of extra-curricular activities that incorporate high-level critical and creative thinking. These include debating, chess, Da Vinci Decathlon, ICT (Information and Computer Technology) Club, Coding Club, robotics, Evatt (Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition), team-based academic competitions, as well as subject-based extension courses and competitions. We offer ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools), Maths Olympiads and the Australian Maths Competition.

Memberships and support

Our School is a member of the AAEGT (Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented) and GATSTA (Gifted and Talented Secondary Teachers’ Association). We also support the GFSG (Gifted Families’ Support Group). Our staff attend and present at national and international conferences run by the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) and by the WCGTC (World Council for Gifted and Talented Children).


“In my opinion the gifted program at Emanuel is outstanding and a major strength of the School. The support and advice offered by the gifted and talented team to parents along the way as their children progress through the years is absolutely invaluable. The amazing teachers involved in the gifted program are always a step ahead and will do whatever it takes to keep your child stimulated, motivated and engaged in their learning throughout their schooling.” Emanuel parent

Educate A Child According To The Child’s Path

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