Emanuel School’s HSC Success

December 18, 2018


Emanuel School’s HSC results are a reflection of the strength of the 2018 cohort. We celebrate many high achievers in this year’s HSC, including Genevieve who was awarded first in the State for Drama and Brandon who was placed third in the State in Ancient History.

Other notable highlights include:

  • Allegra selected for ARTEXPRESS
  • Ashne selected for ENCORE for Musicology
  • Six students nominated for HSC Showcases:
    • ENCORE
      • Aaron
    • OnSTAGE
      • Tomer
      • Genevieve
      • Hannah
      • Zev 
    • InTech
      • Jake

The School ranked 45th in the State, based on the percentage of Band 6 and E4 results across all subjects. This is consistent with Emanuel’s performance in previous years and reflects the strength of the teaching and learning in our non-selective school context.

Andrew Watt, Principal, said: “We are delighted with the exceptional HSC results for our Class of 2018. Genevieve’s First in State for Drama is a testament to her exceptional ability in the subject as is Brandon’s third place in the State in Ancient History. More than 40% of students achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or more, with 18% of students achieving over 95.00, more than 10% above 98.00 ATAR and five students above 99.00 ATAR. Aaron, Dux of the School’s ATAR was a very strong 99.80. The Year 12 students continued to shine, with four All-Round Achievers and 51% of the cohort as Distinguished Achievers. Eight of our Year 11 accelerants achieved a Band 6 in their subject.

“Our students graduate as deep-thinkers who are mindful and responsible global citizens. Their results reflect their tenacity and focus on achieving their very best. Our committed teachers prepared them well for the HSC, as well as life beyond school, and I thank them for their constant encouragement and the time and effort they have invested in ensuring our students’ success. I wish the Class of 2018 all the very best with their future endeavours and know that they will go on to be proud Emanuel School alumni.”

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