Future Leaders at Emanuel School

March 7, 2019

Teaching leadership is a valuable resource to help future-proof our students. However, it’s the application of these skills that help develop effective, emotionally intelligent leaders. Emanuel School students are encouraged to become ‘everyday leaders’ – to consciously think about the way they act as role models every day in all facets of life. By providing opportunities for practical application, along with theoretical learning in Primary School, we lay the foundation for the transfer of these essential skills into High School and beyond.

Primary students at Emanuel School learn about and use Covey’s 7 Habits as a framework to help guide their actions and planning. Every Year 6 student has a different leadership portfolio based on their interests and skills including Madrichim (Prefects), House Captains, Jewish Life, tzedakkah, IT, art, environment and as buddies for Years K-2 students, amongst many others. Primary staff nominate as a Portfolio Mentor to help guide the students along their leadership path.

Hugo, the Year 6 IT Leadership Mentor commented: “Seeing the exhilaration of the student leaders after being involved in an initiative they have planned and delivered is amazing to see. Their energy is great to be a part of.”

Throughout the year, the Primary leaders develop their leadership skills and apply them at various events such as helping run the Years K-2 Swimming Carnival, assisting with assemblies, building school spirit and arranging competitions in their interest area such as organising the Emanuel Cup – a debating competition for their fellow students. These experiences provide opportunities to develop life-long skills such as organisation, time management, decision making and building connections with others.

Natanya Milner, Head of Primary at Emanuel School and Mentor to the Prefects, is a strong advocate for developing leadership at a young age. “We believe in providing opportunities for the children to contribute to the success and vibrancy of the School by working in teams to plan ways to give back in their portfolio areas. Not only does this enhance the Year 6 children’s confidence, leadership and collaborative skills, it also provides an excellent example to younger students, adds to the relationship building and breadth of experiences on offer in the Primary School.”

Students were asked to write a statement about how they would like to be remembered after their year as a Year 6 Leader. Showing exceptional insight Jethro said: “An environmental changer of Emanuel,” while Chelsea commented: “As a good leader that people looked up to and trusted.”

With such valuable insights at such a young age, our leaders of the future are well placed to make a real difference to our world as community and Global citizens.

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