Emanuel School student selected for Australian Cricket Team

March 4, 2020

Jonah, a Year 10 Emanuel School student, has been picked for Australia’s National Under 16s Male Cricket Team. He will represent the country in one of four State Challenge squads, selected on performance in competitions like the Cricket NSW Youth Championships.

Jonah, who started playing cricket when he was six years old, says it’s always been his dream to play the sport professionally. “I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to play for Australia and to be compared to the best underage players in the country. After coming so close last year, the satisfaction of hearing my name called this time was immense.

“The School was very supportive of me and I know they are closely invested in my cricketing achievements. Our school principal, Mr Watt, is a cricket supporter and it’s nice to know that the person that runs the School supports me in my sport.”

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