Emanuel School’s Brainy Bunch on Channel 10

July 22, 2022

Four Emanuel School students will make their debut primetime TV appearance on Wednesday 27 July at 7.30 pm as contestants on Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod. The Channel 10 quiz program showcases the nation’s brightest student minds, with 72 Year 11 students from 18 schools, competing in teams of four, on a range of school subjects. 

The four Emanuel quiz whizzes were selected for their outgoing, energetic and confident personalities, knowledge of a broad array of subjects, and wide extra-curricular interests. According to Channel 10: “Shaun Micallef has been digging out his old textbooks to test these bright sparks on their foreign language skills, their knowledge of Australiana, mathematics, art, and of course, woodwork”.

With no information about the format or content of the show prior to recording, the students had to rely on their combined general knowledge and that of the Year 11 curriculum areas as they faced their opposition, Balwyn High School, Victoria.

Emanuel is the only Sydney Eastern Suburbs School to be selected to appear on the program.

Celebrated comedian and host, Shaun Micallef couldn’t help but share a humorous take on the upcoming show: “I’ve always believed there was intelligent life on this planet and I am delighted and proud to be part of 10’s efforts to discover it right here in Australia. Also, I was once a year eleven student myself, and will be using my old notes to double-check the answers”. 


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