A 5-Star Employer of Choice

May 23, 2023

Emanuel School is thrilled to announce its prestigious selection as a 5-Star Employer of Choice by The Educator magazine. Out of numerous submissions, Emanuel School has been carefully chosen as one of the top 20 schools nationwide that excel in providing supportive, inclusive, and aspirational environments for their staff.

This remarkable achievement underscores Emanuel School’s unwavering dedication to fostering a thriving and supportive workplace for its staff. It is a testament to the remarkable efforts and commitment demonstrated by each individual within our school community. The contributions of our staff members, driven by a strong sense of community, dedication to student success and wellbeing, and steadfast adherence to our core values, have created an environment that is both welcoming and inclusive for students and staff alike.

Principal Andrew Watt, who was interviewed by The Educator, emphasised the importance of recognising and valuing the school’s staff. He stated, “An important cultural aspect is that we try to show how much staff are valued. We try to celebrate their achievements and express gratitude for them.”

He further highlighted the collaborative nature of decision-making at Emanuel School, with staff having a significant voice in shaping the School’s direction. Regular surveys and a robust staff support system are in place to ensure open communication and a supportive work environment. The School also benefits from a staff wellbeing committee, which actively contributes to identifying and addressing staff needs.

Emanuel School takes great pride in this external recognition and remains committed to providing an exceptional workplace experience for its staff. Through ongoing support, professional development opportunities, and a nurturing community, Emanuel School continues to foster an environment where staff can thrive and make a positive impact on the lives of students.



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