How beautiful you are – Kama at yafa

December 8, 2023

A number of months ago, our amazing Music Teacher, Sarit Spira, recorded a moving song, Kama at yafa (How beautiful you are) with Sydney Jewish band CHUTNEY. Little did they know at the time just how relevant the song would be at this dark time in our history. Chutney has just released the song in solidarity with Israel and Jews around the world 🇮🇱.
“We’ve put out this song as a gift from diaspora Jews to Israel. We’re also hoping this music video will help raise awareness about the hostages still held by Hamas. At the two month anniversary of Oct 7, on the eve of Chanukah, the band’s intention is to uplift and empower as many people around the world as possible.”
Take a moment to listen and watch the video – it is inspiring, it is uplifting and it is so powerful. We are so proud of you Sarit.

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Talmud: Shvuot 39a
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