Community Consultation

The Emanuel School Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meets regularly to engage in formal communication with the local community of Randwick.  

We share the School’s plans, initiatives and measures with the local community and also receive feedback in return – listening to and addressing any issues raised by the community.


View our meeting minutes:

Meeting minutes – 19 July 2021

Meeting minutes – 9 August 2021

Meeting minutes – 30 August 2021


CCC members and contact information:


Roberta Ryan

Independent Chair of the Development CCC 

Tara Roach

Local Resident        

Nicole Birbas 

Local Resident  

Justine Hughes

Local Resident        

Derek Pal

Emanuel School Parent     

Warwick Smith 

Project Manager/Sandrick Project Management              

Jonathan Lau 

Project Manager/Sandrick Project Management

Andrew Watt

Principal/ Emanuel School     

Andrew Delany 


Property and Security Manager/Emanuel School

Pursue Justice Diligently (Create A Just Society)

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